Cell Structure

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  • Cell Structure
    • Animal Cell
      • Sub-cellular structures
      • nucleus
      • cytoplasm
      • cell membrane
      • mitochondria
      • ribosomes
    • Plant Cell
      • cell wall
      • vacuole
      • some cells contain chloroplasts to make their own food
      • chloroplasts absorb light to make food (glucose)
      • have all the sub-cellular structures that animal cells have
    • Prokaryotic
      • genetic material not enclosed in a nucleus
      • single DNA loop
      • small rings of DNA, plasmids
      • no mitochondria or chloroplasts
      • Bacteria
        • different shapes
        • roles of mitochondria and chloroplasts are taken over by cytoplasm
          • one or more flagella, tail like structures
            • plasmids are present that get transferred from one cell to another
              • have a cell wall and cytoplasm
    • Eukaryotic
      • Plant
      • Animal
      • Fungal
      • larger in size
      • genetic material enclosed in a nucleus
      • contain mitochondria and chloroplasts


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