Cell membranes

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  • Topic 6
    • Cell membrane
      • Phospholipid bi-layer
        • The hydrophilic heads face outwards and the hydrophobic tail face eachother
      • Fluid mosaic structure
      • Chanel proteins
        • opening for polar or non-polar molecules
      • Cholesterol
        • Travels within the bilayer and gives it some stability
      • Carrier proteins
        • Bind with a specific molecule to carry information to the cell
      • Glycoprotein
        • Creates long chain polymers of carbohydrats
      • Glycolipids
        • Creates long chain lipids
      • Ficks law = SA x Difference in concentration / length of diffusion path
    • Diffusion
      • What effects diffusion
        • Size of molecule
        • length of diffusion pathway
        • Difference in concentration values
        • Temperature
        • Squamos (flat) cells
    • Osmosis
      • Net movement of water molecules from a high water potential to a low water potential
      • Aquaporins are chanel proteins specific for water
    • Co-Transport
      • Two substances transported together through the same carrier protein
      • Glucose needs sodium ions to help get into the cells
      • Protein chanel requires energy to open and close
    • Active and passive transport
      • Active
        • Protein pump
        • Endocytosis
        • Exocytosis
      • Passive
        • Simple Diffusion
        • Osmosis


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