Cell Division

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  • Cell Division
    • Chromosomes
      • Nucleus of cell contains chromosomes made of DNA
      • Each chromosome carries hundreds to thousands of genes
      • Different species have different numbers of pairs of  chromosomes
      • Humans have 23 pairs chromosomes equal to 46 in total
      • In body cells, the chromosomes are found in pairs one coming from each parent
    • Mitosis & the Cell Cycle
      • Mitosis is when a cell divides into 2 identical cells
      • Before a cell can divide it needs to grow and increase the number of sub-cellular structures e.g. mitochondria and ribosomes
    • Stem Cells
      • are undifferentiated- they have not yet become specialled
      • They can divide to make different types of cells
      • Stem cells from human embryos are called embryonic stem cells
      • Can be found in human embryos, umbilical cord and some organs and tissues
    • Uses of Stem Cells
      • Diabetes or  paralysis where cells are not working properly
      • To replace damaged cells
      • Can cure diseases
      • Therapeutic cloning
        • A cloned embryo of a patient may be made and used as a source of stem cells


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