Mitosis & Meiosis Mind map

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  • Cell Division
    • Mitosis
      • Mitosis makes new cells for growth and repair
      • Mitosis is when a cell reproduces itself by splitting to form identical offspring
      • When a cell divides it makes new cells with the same number of chromosomes
      • When a cell gets a signal to divide it needs to duplicate its DNA meaning there is one copy for each new cell
      • Asexual reproduction uses mitosis
    • Meiosis
      • Meiosis involves two divisions
      • Meiosis produces cell with only half of the original number chromosomes
      • The result of Meiosis is the production of gametes
        • Four gametes are produced with only a single set of chromosomes in them
      • Exam question example: Describe how a cell divides to form gametes


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