Celebrations Key Words

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  • Celebrations Key Words
    • Advent
      • Season before Christmas remembering the first coming of Jesus and that he will come again
    • Noncomformist
      • A Protestant in England who is not a member of the Church of England
    • Crib
      • A nativity scene with baby Jesus in a manger (crib)
    • Incarnation
      • The belief that God took human form in Jesus.
    • Stations of the cross
      • Fourteen pictures representing the stages of Christ's wy to crucufixion.
    • Adulation
      • Extreme admiration
    • Salvation
      • The act of delivering from sin or saving from evil.
    • Baptismal Vows
      • The promises Christians (or their parents) make at their baptism
    • Two Natures
      • The belief that Jesus was both human and divine
    • Creeds
      • Statements of Christian belief


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