Cecily in importance of being earnest

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    • WHAT
      • Victorian Hypocrisy
      • Represents the country
        • child of nature
      • Naive
        • ingenue character
      • Doesn't like seriousness
      • Comparison to Gwendolen
        • mirroring, both obsessed with the name of Ernest
      • She is Gwendolen's equal in repartee ,despite her limited experience
    • HOW
      • REALISTIC CHARACTERshe is the only character who does not speak in epigrams
      • Dramatic Irony: "I know no one who has a higher sense of duty and responsibility"
      • MIRRORING "I pity any poor married woman whose husband is not called Ernest"
      • VICTORIAN HYPOCRISY"If you are not wicked, then you have certainly been deceiving us all"
      • TOWN AND COUNTRY: Cecily doesn't like the town. “I believe most London houses are extremely vulgar…I believe the aristocracy are suffering very much.”
    • WHY
      • Feminism
      • Separate spheres debate
      • Victorian morality


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