MS1 CD covers

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  • CD covers
    • Fan base and mechandise
    • Distribution
    • Song list
    • Insert
    • Major label
    • Independent label
    • Parental advisory warning about lyrics
    • Downloads
    • Star as commodity (Dyer)
      • Star persona
        • Talent and representation of star - controversy
    • Mainstream - alternative - authentic - manufactured music
    • Studio setting, on location, liver performance
    • Music reviews, music magazines eg. NME or Kerrang! or Top of the Pops
      • Different media platform/convergence/symbiosis
    • Fanzines (magazine/website on one particular pop star/genre created by fans)
      • Memorabilia
        • Copyright/downloading/spin-offs/tie-ins/digital music
    • Narrow star text (singe/band who doesn't change image - unlike Madonna) representation linked to genre of music


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