CCCD Plate Tectonics

CCCD-Conservative, Colllision, Constructive and Destructive

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  • CCCD
    • Constructive
      • divergent plate margin
      • two plates move apart
      • magma rises to fill the gap between the two plates that have moved apart
      • the magma dries and becomes new crust
    • Destructive
      • convergent/ tensional plate margin
      • oceanic and continental crust move together
      • oceanic plate is forced under continental plate (lighter)
      • friction causes oceanic plate to melt-may trigger earthquakes
      • magma rises through the cracks and erupts to the surface
    • Collision
      • two continental plates collide
      • neither is forced down
      • they are both pushed upwards
      • creates fold mountains
    • Conservative
      • transform plate margin
      • plates slide past each other in different directions
        • or in the same direction but at a different speed
      • friction is eventually overcome
      • sudden movement causes earthquake
      • e.g. San Andreas Fault


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