Geography Caves, arches and stacks

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  • Caves, arches and stacks
    • Cave characteristics
      • Several metres high at the entrance
      • A blow hole may form in the roof of the cave towards the back
      • Pressure from waves may push water up the blow hole so it emerges on the cliff above
    • Sea arch characteristics
      • Unsupported top of the arch
      • Wave-cut notches at the base of the arch, so wide at the base
      • Water going right through the gap
      • The arch is an extension of the headland
    • Stack characteristics
      • Detached blocks or pillars of rock located off a headland
      • Some may be pinnacle shaped
      • Often several metres high
      • Hard rock
      • Wave-cut notches at the base
    • Stump characteristics
      • Bases of collapsed stacks
      • Only seen at low tide


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