Causes of world poverty

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  • Causes of world poverty
    • Natural disasters
      • Many LEDC's are in areas where natural disasters regularly take place.
      • Such as earthquakes and floods that can destroy homes and farmland.
    • War
      • Many LEDC's suffer from wars.
      • Wars destroy crops, homes, schools, hospitals and create refugees.
      • A neighbouring country can also become an LEDC when war refugees arrive needing shelter, food etc.
    • Lack of health care and education
      • The lack of clean water, lack of birth control leads to too many children being born.
      • The using up of resources, lack of education and diseases such as AIDS/HIV can prevent a country from developing.
    • Debt
      • All LEDC's suffer from debt.
      • They have to borrow money from banks in MEDC's and pay large amounts of interest to the bank that they could have spent on development.
      • Many LEDC's try to get money from abroad by growing and selling crops.
        • But, rich countries pay their farmers grants to grow crops and put high taxes on the crops from LEDC's so their goods are expensive.
    • Corrupt leaders
      • Some governments are corrupt and aid from other countries does not always reach the people who need it
      • Fear of other nations mean that some governments have refused to give help.


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