War of the Roses - causes

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  • Causes of the War of the Roses
    • Henry VI was a bad king
      • Lost a huge amount of money
        • Had to sell crown jewels
      • Caster described him as "gentle" and "passive"
        • Didn't fight
      • Didn't unite the nobles
        • Couldn't stop the Dukes of York and Somerset fighting
    • Public opinion
      • Peasants were politically aware
        • Cade's rebellion
        • knew what had gone wrong
      • Supported York
      • Blamed Suffolk
        • the King's main advisor
        • murdered
          • No clear chief advisor when Henry VI was ill
            • the King's main advisor
    • Enmity between York and Somerset
      • King supports Somerset
        • Nobles support Somerset
          • Don't want peasants having their say
      • Somerset given the job of chief advisor
      • Somerset lost the 100 years war
        • surrendered Normandy without fighting
      • Peasants support York
    • Feuds between nobles
      • helped split nobles into 2 sides
      • Exeter attempts to assassinate York
        • York had him imprisioned
        • threat to the Lancatrians
    • Henry VI recovery
      • York to resign
      • Somerset released
      • ended stable rule of York
    • Mutual fear
      • Somerset's fear
        • If Henry VI falls ill York will try him for treason
      • Yorks fear
        • Somerset will want revenge
      • Leads to Battle of St Albans


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