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  • Causes of the six-day war 1967
    • Increased pressure on Israel
      • 29th May (Egypt) - Nasser stepped up the pressure "We are now ready to confront Israel".
      • 30th May - Hussein signed a treaty with Egypt.
      • 5th June - Israeli Air Force took off.
    • Development of Israel
      • IDF (Israeli Defence force) were constantly alert.
      • The 'law of return' - gave any Jew in the world the right to become a citizen of Israel.
      • 700,000 new immigrants by 1949.
      • Ribbutzim - Israelis lived and worked together in cooperative farms and shared property and work.
      • Financial aid from the US and reparations from Germany allowed Israelis to develop large areas of empty land.
    • Countdown to war April 1966-7
      • February 1966: new aggressive government in power of Syria.             Nasser didn't want war but wanted to remain leader of the Arab states.
      • November 1966: Nasser signed an agreement with Syrian government to come to it's aid if it was attacked and for them to do the same for Egypt.
      • 7th April 1967 - Israeli tractor ploughing on a demilitarised zone. Syrians opened fire, Israelis retaliated. Syrians shelled Israeli settlements, Israeli planes were called for. Both sides were aggravating each other.
    • Palestine liberation organisation (PLO)
      • PLO's aims were to win back the land which the Palestinians had lost in 1948-9.
      • Lebanon and Jordan governments tried to restrict the PLO because they were afraid of Israeli reprisals.
      • Egypt was the only side not attacking Israel.
    • Crisis of May 1967
      • 12th May - Israeli General threatened to occupy the capital of Syria and overthrow the government.
      • 13th May - Soviet government warned Egypt that Israel was moving it's armed forces to the border of Syria and was planning to attack.
        • None of this was true, and Nasser knew this.


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