Russian Civil War 1918

Main causes of the 1918 Russian Civil War

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  • Causes of the Russian Civil War
    • The Role of  the Czech Legion
      • created from Austro-Hungarian prisoners
      • fought with Allies
      • Hoped to create own country after Austria-Hungary had been defeted
      • Consisted of 4000 men who opposed the red Army
    • The role of  different nationalities
      • Fins, Ukrainians and Poles
      • wanted their own countries
    • The role of foreign countries
      • Britain and France wanted Russia to remain in WW1
      • Japan wanted  to expand their territory and influence
      • Provided Whites with supplies
      • Britain, France and Japan occupied parts of Russia
    • The role of the Whites
      • Opposition to the Bolsheviks (the reds)
    • The role of Communist policies
      • Many Russian s opposed to Treaty of Brest-Litovk
      • Socialist Revolutionaries left coalition with Comminists
      • Bolsheviks clashed with peasantry
        • Lenin used force to collect grain from peasants to feed cities and Red Guard


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