Cause of the October Revolution

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  • Causes of the October 1917 Revolution
    • Problems caused by the war
      • 30% decrease in revenues
      • Prohibited sale of alcohol
      • Cost of living increased by 300% - wages only increased 100%
    • Weaknesses and mistakes of Kerensky & the Provisional Government
      • Stayed in the War
      • Didn't offer the peasants land
      • Didn't listen to the people of Russia and therefore lost support
    • Lenin's leadership
      • Told the peasants to take land from the rich and for the workers to take over the factories
        • Didn't offer the peasants land
      • Urged the Bolsheviks to reject and co-operation with the PG
      • Condemned the stance the Bolsheviks had taken in Petrograd with the PG
    • Trotsky's work
      • Chairmen of the Military Revolutionary Committee and therefore organised a lot of the revolution
      • Edited the Pravda and wrote books on why Russia should leave the war
      • Built up and lead the Red Army
    • Other factors
      • Couldn't find a way to rule Russia that suited everybody after Tsarist regime ended
      • Way behind Western Europe in industry and agriculture


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