Causes of the dissolutions

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  • Causes of the Dissolution
    • The 'imperial' idea
      • the idea of manastries owing an allegience to parent institutions outside England became unacceptable to Henry, especiallu after the Act in Restraint of appeals & act of supremacy.
    • Financial Motives
      • while the crowns finances were healthy enough there was a huge concern for a possible crusade.
      • a massive building programme of fortifications was undertaken & monastic wealth helped to pay for it.
      • Cromwell the chance to free Henry from having to inflict taxation again.
    • Patronage & Greed
      • Following the 1536 act in particular, the laity gained an increasing appetite for land. Even Catholics such as Norfolk were quick to cash in on Sales of manastic land.
        • This, in turn, served a useful political purpose of Henry by pacifying potential critics of his break from Rome. Many may have been unhappy with the turn of religious events ,but it was easier to swallow with the wealth that was brought about by the dissolution.
    • Continental influence
      • Religious houses were being dissolved in Germany & Scandinavia, giving a model of what was possible in England.
      • The ideas of Erasmus, Tyndale & Fish, critisising monastic life.
    • An end to opponents of the break with Rome
      • Some of the most vociferous opponents of Henry's recent legislation had come from monastic houses, especially the Franciscans & carthusians


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