Causes of the Cold War

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  • Causes of the Cold War
    • Different ideologies
      • America - Capitalism
      • USSR - Communism
    • 'Marriage of convenience' over
      • no common emeny
      • could disagree on things after the end of the war
    • Truman
      • replaces Roosevelt
      • Truman hated the communists and the Soviet Union
        • he was also afraid of it
      • 'I'm tired of babying the Soviets.'
      • 'The Russians only understand on language-strength, force and armies'
    • Atomic Bomb
      • America didn't tell Russia that they had an atomic bomb even though they were allies
        • Russia already knew because they had spies working on the Manhattan Project
      • The dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan made Stalin upset and angry
      • Distrust - suspicious of each other
    • Germany
      • disagreements
      • The Americans wanted a strong Geramny
        • trading partner
        • avoid the mistakes made after WW1
      • Russia wanted a weak Germany
        • stop any future invasions from the west
  • replaces Roosevelt


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