Causes of Russian Revelution

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  • Causes of Russian revolution 1917
    • Russian failures in the first world war.
      • By 1917 Russia had lost almost 9 million soldiers.
      • In 1915 hthe Tsar was in personal command of the Russian armed forces therefore was blamed for their defeats.
      • Soldiers were poorly trained and equip.
    • The failure of the Duma.
      • Being ignored
    • Opposition groups.
      • Bolsheviks
    • Rasputin
      • The  Tsarina became under the influence of Rasputin and he used his power to gain effective control over the Russian government.
    • The discontent of the workers.
      • By the 1900's 20% of Russian were workers in factories.
      • Working conditions were hard and pay was low.
      • They all stricked a lot
    • The discontent of the peasants.
      • 90% of the population were peasants
      • Aristocrats and nobles owned most of the land.
    • The weakness of the Tsar Nicholas II
      • Defeats in battle
      • Poor management
      • Distrust of Nicholas' German wife, Alexandra.


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