The causes of population growth

Factors that interrelate causing a growth in the worlds population.

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  • Causes of Population Growth
    • Health
      • Control of disease
      • Birth Control measures/ uptake.
      • Infant Mortality rates
      • Diet/ Malnutrition
      • Sexual Health
    • Education
      • Health Education
      • When does compulsory schooling finish?
      • The amount of females in education
      • Levels of higher education
      • Literacy levels
    • Social Provision
      • Levels of care for the elderly
      • Availability of media and other forms of media
      • Clean water supply
    • Cultural Factors
      • Religious attitudes to birth control
      • Status gain from having children
      • Role of women in society,
      • Sexual Morality
    • Political Factors
      • Taxation to support services.
      • Strength of the economy
      • Impact of war/ conflicts
      • Access to contraception and health care
    • Environmental Factors
      • Frequency of Hazards
      • Environmental Conditions that breed disease


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