Biology Unit 1: Causes of Disease

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  • Causes of Disease
    • Pathogens
      • For a microorganism to be considered a pathogen it must:
        • Gain entry to the host
        • Colonise the tissues of the host
        • Resist the defences of the host
        • Cause damage to the host tissues
      • How do microorganisms get into the body?
        • Gas-exchange system
        • Digestive system
        • Broken interface such as skin
        • Reproductive System
      • How do pathogens cause disease?
        • by damaging host tissue
        • By producing toxins
    • Data and Disease
      • Correlation
        • A correlation occurs when a change in one of two variables is reflected by a change in the other variable
    • Lifestyle and Health
      • Lifestyle choices and cancer
        • Smoking
        • Diet
        • Obesity
        • Physical activity
        • Sunlight - Over exposed
      • Risk factors and coronary heart disease
        • Smoking
        • High blood pressure
        • Blood cholesterol levels
        • Obesity
        • Diet
        • Physical activity


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