Causes and Symptoms of tuberculosis

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  • Causes and symptoms of Tuberculosis
    • Causes
      • Caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
      • Spread by coughing and sneezing near to other people
      • People who are malnourished, ill or have problems with their immune system (advanced AIDS) are more vulnerable to active TB
      • TB also infects cattle and people can become infected by working with infected cattle or drinking infected milk
    • Symptoms
      • TB infects the respiratory system by damaging the lung tissue
        • Damaged lung tissue leads to coughing up blood
      • TB also weakens the immune system
        • Mycobacteria target T cells reducing the production of antibodies
    • Primary infection
      • once initially inhaled TB multiplies slowly
      • In a healthy immune system a local inflammatory response will happen leading to a mass of tissue called a tubercule, containing dead bacteria and macrophages
    • Active infection
      • Some bacteria have a slime layer protecting it from the immune system
        • This bacteria can then grow until the person is malnourished, weakened or the immune system does not work and the it becomes active
      • Active TB bacteria then rapidly divide
      • TB will eventually lead to death by lack of oxygen, or malnutrition


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