Causes and Impacts of Flooding - Carlisle, 2005

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  • Causes and Impacts of Flooding - Carlisle 2005
    • Background
      • The drainage basin for R. Eden is very large = HIGH RIVER DISCHARGE
      • Some parts of basin have steep sides so reach river QUICKLY
      • Many streams drain into river quickly = SHORT LAG TIME
    • Causes
      • Physical
        • Heavy rain on the 6th Jan for 36 hours - 200mm recorded, 4 months worth of rain
        • Rain fell on saturated ground - did not soak into ground
        • Very high peak discharge of 1520 cumecs compared to the averege 52 cumecs
      • Human
        • Carlisle is a large built up area - impermeable surfaces leads to little infiltration and high surface run off
        • 25% of the flooding was caused by overflowing drains
    • Impacts
      • Social
        • 3 people died
        • Over 3000 people were made homeless for a year
        • Children lost out on education - 4 schools were severely flooded
      • Economic
        • Repairs to homes cost over £100 million
        • 350 businesses temporarily shut down
        • United Biscuits, the largest employer in Carlisle was flooded and 33 employees lost their jobs
      • Environmental
        • Flooding increased river bank erosion in some areas
        • Rivers polluted with rubbish ad sewage


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