causes of detente

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  • causes and achievement of detente
    • fear of war
    • cuban mi**ile crisis 1962
    • US economic
      • inflation reached 6% in 1970
      • unemployement rose to more than 5% in 1970s
    • ostpolitik
      • opened channels between east and west in europe
    • Vietnam - detente would mean nixon could withdraw from vietnam
      • (because USSR had supported the vietcong since Brezhnev came to power in 1964)
    • ki**inger'** realpolitik
      • realpolitik meant the US maintaining realisitc goals in their dealings with the USSR and China rather than pursueing an ideological struggle between capitalism and communism
    • USSR economic
      • detente allowed ru**ian leaders to ease their economic problems by reducing defence spending and encouraging loans and trade from the west
    • USSR
      • Chinese and US relations threatened anti-soviet alliance
      • US 28,200 nuclear warheads compared to USSR 11,000


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