Causes of the Second Boer War

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  • Causes of the Second Boer War
    • The Jameson Raid 1895 - 1896
      • Led by Cecil Rhodes  and Leander Starr Jameson
        • Rhodes resigned as the premier of the Cape Colony
      • Intended to give Britain an excuse to intervene in the Transvaal on the side of the uitlanders
      • Failed when didn't promote uprising
      • Rhodes resigned as the premier of the Cape Colony
      • The Transvaal and the Orange Free State united under Kruger
      • The Boers and the British began to mobilise
      • Uitlanders didn't support it
      • The Boer Republics signed a military pact against Britain and imported German arms
    • Outbreak of war
      • Boers issued an ultimatum to Britain, which was rejected
      • October 1899
        • Boers declare war on Britain
    • Boer's invited Britain to annex Transvaal and Orange Free State in 1877
      • Wanted the British to kill the Zulus
        • Zulu's attacked the farms of the Boers
      • Led to the 1879 Zulu War
    • First Boer War
      • Causes
        • Boers request for independence was denied after the 1879 Zulu War
      • Outcomes
        • However were not completely free due to British control
          • Kruger demanded the withdrawal of all British troops in his 1899  ultimatum
        • Transvaal and Orange Free State became independent nations
      • 1880-1881
    • Gold
      • Discovery of gold and precious minerals in Transvaal in 1886
        • Boer's couldn't mine gold due to lack of expertise and numbers
        • British and German uitlanders mined the gold instead
    • Uitlander rights
      • No voting rights
        • Cecil Rhodes inspired them to campaign for voting rights
      • Higher taxes
      • Citizenship only given after 14 years of settlement
      • Chamberlain demanded uitlander rights in his 1899 ultimattum
    • Expanding Boer economy threatened British colonies
    • Supported by the Cabinet, parliment, press and the public


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