Causes of the Pilgrimage of Grace

Political causes = Yellow

Economic/Financial causes = Green

Relgious causes= Red

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  • Causes of the Pilgrimage of Grace
    • Food shortages & Agrarian issues
      • High food prices because of bad harvests in 1535 & 1536
      • Other agricultural issues
        • E.g. renewal of tenancies, border tenures, enclosures & rack renting
    • Opposition to Cromwell's policies
      • 3/24 Pontefract articles opposed Cromwell & Riche
        • 8. Lord Cromwell, the Lord Chancellor, and Sir Ric. Riche to have condign punishment, as subverters of the good laws of the realm and maintainers and inventors of heretics.
      • Cromwell viewed as a heretic
    • Taxation
      • The Act of First Fruits & Tenths meant that Henry took a much larger amount of clerical wealth than the Pope ever had
      • Gentry opposed the Statue of Uses
      • Rebels opposed Cromwell's policies of taking tax during peacetime in the 1534 Subsidy Act
    • Great Chain of Being
      • Upset about the changes to the natural hierarchy
      • Didn't want blurring of social lines
        • E.g. Gentry becoming Priests
    • Aristocratic Feud
      • Elton argues that it was a way for frustrated nobility to increase their power and influence at court
      • When the Pontefract Articles were drawn up the gentry has to explain what the Statue of Uses (1535) was
      • Lord Hussey & Lord Darcy played key roles
        • Hussey was a member of the Aragonese faction
      • Noblemen were angry at the positions of Cromwell because of his low status
    • Religious Changes
      • 11/24 of the Pontefract Articles related to religion
      • C.S.L. Davies argues that religious factors "served to give the moment cohesion" and to bind together different classes" and "legitimising resistance to the King."
      • Guy argues that true religion was the "most important rebel platform."
      • Wanted the monasteries restored
        • Richard Aske said that the "greatest cause" of the rebellion
      • Richard Aske made the rebellion a Pilgrimage
        • Made rebels take the Pilgrim Oath
        • Pilgrims wore a badge with the Five Wounds of Christ on




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