Causes of the collapse of the Weimar Republic

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  • Collapse of Weimar democracy
    • Political disillusion. Too few Germans believed in the Republic.
      • "Ludendorff's manoeuvre... the 'stab-in-the-back' myth and the shock of defeat were the background to the birth of democracy in Germany. It was not a promising beginning." Hite and Hinton, 2000
      • "The most persuasive cause of Weimar's failure was that too many germans did not regard it as a 'legitimate regime'."
    • Damaging inheritance
      • Attacks by left- and right-wing insurgents
      • Wall Street Crash 1929
      • Vindictive peace settlement
        • Treaty of Versailles has been described as "both the most democratic in the world... the the biggest reason why democracy failed."
      • French occupation of the Ruhr
    • Myths and lies of right-wing enemies
      • Unable to throw them off
      • November criminals
        • Matthias Erzberger assassinated by Ehrhardt's Organisation Consul in 1921
      • Ludendorff's maneouvre
      • 'Stab-in-the-back' myth (dolchstoss)
      • Diktat (dictated peace) of Treaty of Versailles
    • Few leaders of great authority and stability
      • Stresemann
        • Young Plan 1929
        • Locarno Pact 1925
        • Dawes Plan 1924
    • exploitations of the Weimar Constitution
      • President's Article 48 powers
    • Proportional representation
      • Short-lived coalition governments
        • 11 governments in 6 years
    • Economic difficulties
      • Unable to generate its own 'economic miracle'
      • Could not return to pre-war levels of prosperity
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