Causes of the 1536 rebellions

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  • Causes of the 1536 rebellions
    • Religious causes
      • Dissolution of the Monastries
      • General direction of Henry's policies (reformers Cromwell and Cranmer leading them)
      • Alternation of practice
      • Rebels carried 'Five Wounds of Christ'
      • Termed 'Pilgrimage' - religious motivation
      • Pontefract articles - 9 out of 24 of their grievances were religious
    • Socio-Economic Causes
      • Government demands for taxation in the 1534 subsidy
        • Subsidy hit the North hard - North had been suffering two years of bad weather and poor harvests
      • Enclosure
    • Political Causes
      • Sir Thomas Percy, Lord Hussey and Lord Darcy involved
      • Wanted the removal of Cromwell
      • Historian Geoffrey Elton argued that it was actually a 'court-based plot' designed to restore Princess Mary to the royal succession and to remove Cromwell


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