Causes of stress: work

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  • Causes of stress - work - Johansson
    • Aim: to measure the physiological and psychological stress responses in two categories of employees
    • Method: Quasi. Workers defined as being at high risk of stress  or in a control group
      • Data collected through chemical measurements and self reports
    • Design: independent measures
    • Participants: 24 workers at a Swedish saw mill
      • High risk group: 14 workers - had to work at a set pace - complex job - required knowledge about raw materials
        • Responsible for whole team's wages
      • Control group: 10 cleaners
    • Procedure: Daily urine sample when they arrived at work and at 4 times throughout the day
      • Questionnaire of mood/alterness and caffeine/nicotine consumption
      • Baseline measurements @ same time on a day off
      • Adrenaline levels measured in urine + body temp. recorded
    • Findings: morning urine samples twice as high in the risk group than the control group and this continued throughout the day
      • Control group: peaked at 1.5 times the baseline and continued to decline
      • Self reports -  high risk group felt more rushed and irritated and rated their wellbeing as lower
    • Conclusion: workplace is a source of stress due to repetitive nature of work which was highly demanding


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