Causes of Stress

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  • Causes of Stress
    • Work
      • Inter-personal factors:
        • hours, expectations, difficult interactions with managers, lack of clarity of job role
      • Research shows how middle managers are most stresses, have demand place on them and have to cope with demands of employees
      • Working from home, blurs the distinction between work and home
      • Task-related factors
        • Too much/little information,keeping up with pace of a machine
      • Environmental factors
        • Levels of noise, heat and lighting
      • Research shows how employees with high-levels of work related stress are 50%more likely to develop heart disease than those with low levels
    • Hassels and Life Events
      • Suggest how stress can be caused by small, everyday frustrations
      • Examples of hassles
        • Being late, missing the bus, sleeping in
      • Life events can cause stress, both positive and negative events
        • Positive events; Christmas, holidays
        • Negative Events; Divorce, Death of a spouse, minor violations of the law
      • Life events usually only occur once in lifetime, whereas hassles are part of everyday life
    • Lack of Control
      • Johansson's study, finishers often XP stress due to lack of control over their work
      • People often experience stress when they believe they have little/no control over their stressor
      • E.g. Neighbours playing loud music at night keeping people awake, this could be stressful as people don't have control over the level of noise
      • Research shows middle managers are the most stressed, have lack of control over major management changes made by senior managers above them


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