Causes of poverty - Marxist argument

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  • Causes of poverty - Marxist argument.
    • Poverty is caused by the exploitation of the working class.
      • The structure of capitalist society makes poverty inevitable.
    • Poverty is caused by having a low paid workforce.
      • Capitalist benefit from poverty as it provides them with people who are prepared to work for a low wage.
        • Kincaid says low wages are essential to capitalist economy as they underpin the whole wage structure of the economy.
    • Poverty divides and weakens the working class.
      • Poverty creates divisions within the working class and prevents them uniting against the capitalist.
        • The skilled workers who receive higher wages will not sympathise or think they have anything in common with those who are on minimum wage.
    • Poverty keeps benefit taxes low.
      • Benefits must be lower than the lowest wage. Low benefits saves on taxes having to be paid by the rich.
    • Poverty keeps the working class under control.
      • Miliband says that the threat of poverty keeps the working class in order.
        • The w/c may may reduce pay claims and fail to challenge the existing social order as the feel it might jeopardise their standard of living.
    • The government does not make a serious effort to abolish poverty.
      • Kincaid says the governments main concern is to make he capitalist economy more efficient meaning they will never take steps to abolish poverty or reduce the wealth of the ruling class.
        • Marxists say the Welfare state exists to stop the working class from rising up to fight against their exploitation to eliminate poverty.


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