Causes of global warming

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  • Causes of Global warming
    • Greenhouse effect
      • Caused by humans
      • Burning fossil fuels produced carbon dioxide
      • This produces a barrier in the atmosphere so the heat of the sun can get through but it it prevented from getting out
    • Natural climate change
      • Others say the Earth's climate has always been changing
      • Over the last 100,000 years the warmest periods have been when humans produced large amounts of carbon dioxide
      • If previous scientists were true the atmosphere would of heated up a lot more by now
      • Nature produces more carbon dioxide than humans
    • Solar activity
      • Changes in the Earth's temperature is due to radiation from the sun
      • Sun's rays are kept from the Earth by clouds but when solar activity is high, fewer clouds are formed
        • More of the sun's rays will reach Earth and so it heats up
      • Global warming is not caused by carbon emissions as the Earth grew cooler after WW2 when carbon emissions levels rose


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