Causes of WW1

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  • Causes for WW1
    • Triple Alliance- Aug 30th 1882
      • Germany, Austria Hungary and  Italy formed an Alliance.
    • Entente Cordial- 8th April 1904
      • An agreement made between France, Britain and Russia to resolve colonial differences.
      • Kiser Wilhelm felt threatened
    • Arms Race
      • Between Britain and Germany
      • 1906-14, The British built 29 dreadnought boats as Germany only built 17
      • The British  and Germany government tried to reach an agreement about arms race. However all the attempts failed
    • The Schlieffen Plan
      • the plan mapped out how it would be possible for Germany to fight against France and Russia at the same time.
      • The plan was supposed to effectively knock France out of the war for 6 weeks. During the 6 weeks , the Germans would then go to defeat Russia before its army had fully mobilised.
      • The plan involved Germany going through Belgium which was a neutral country which led to Britain joining the war.
    • Assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand
      • 28th June 1914-Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife went to visit Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia.
      • There was a plan to kill the Prince by a terrorist group called the "Black Hand Gang".( A Bosnia- Serb Gang)
      • The driver took the wrong turn and Princip was standing outside the café when the car went past. He shot the Archduke and his wife dead.
      • It was one of the main causes of the war.
    • Bosnian Crisis: 1908-1909
      • Austria- Hungary and Russia made an agreement that Russian would get a warm water port in Turkey and Austria- Hungary would take over Bosnia. However Austria Hungary went back on the deal and invaded Bosnia anyway.
      • Russia was Humiliated and angry.
      • This was a reason for the war as it made Russia have a reason for not backing down for the next war/ crisis.
      • Balkans
        • were located in South Eastern Europe.
        • wanted independence from Turkey
        • Austria Hungary was afraid of Balkans gaining independence.
    • Moroccan Crisises
      • 1st Moroccan Crisis: 1905-1906
        • Kiser Wilhelm visited Morocco and rode the streets on a white horse with a military band and Moroccan troops announcing that Germany supported an independent Morocco.
          • Used to prevent France from occupying Morocco and testing the strength of the Entente Cordial.
        • France given joint control with Spain and Moroccan Police = Germany failed
      • 2nd Moroccan Crisis/ The Agadir Crisis: 1911
        • There was a rebellion against the Sultan in 1911, and France sent troops to put it down, and then used it as an excuse to take Morocco.
        • Germany, however, sent a gunboat called the Panther to the Agadir Port in Morocco.
        • Britain threatened war on Germany as a result, and Germany then back down.
    • Weltpolitik
      • Means "World Policy"
      • Wilhelm wanted an empire overseas and wanted to build a bigger navy than Britain and become a world power.
      • A "place in the sun" was when Germany wanted to have extra colonies for German to demonstrate her power eg. wanted colonies in Africa.


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