Bangladesh, India 2004 LEDC

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  • Causes?
    • Human
      • Urbanisation of flood plain due to population increase = increased magnitude and frequency of floods.
      • Building of dams has increased problem of sedimentation.
      • Poorly maintained embankments (levees) leak and collapse in times of high discharge.
    • Physical
      • Heavy monsoon rains from May to September.
      • 80% of Bangladesh is a floodplain and delta.
      • It is flat, low-lying land and easily flooded. 75% is only 10m about sea level.
  • Responses?
    • Immediate
      • Medicines, clothing and blankets were distributed.
      • Reduce deforestation in areas in the upper course.
      • Food aid was given (including foreign and national aid).
    • Long term
      • Water purification tablets were given out by the world health organisation.
        • Local people began to rebuild their homes/ flood protection shelters built.
      • Farmers were given free seed from the government.
      • Flood embankments were built along the river.
  • Where and when?
    • Bangladesh, South Asia. East of India.
    • River Ganges, Bramaputra, Meghna and Jamuna.
    • One of the most densly populated countries in the world. (Over 70 million people)!
    • Contains virtually NO raw materials or rock and experiences tropical floods and storms every year!
  • Effects?
    • Short term
      • 1040 people died in the floods
        • 40% Dhaka was under water.
      • 500'000 cattle killed and 2.5 million farmers affected.
        • Serious shortage of drinking water.
      • 11'000km of roads damaged.
        • 7 million homes destroyed.
    • Long term
      • Diseases spread such as bronchitis and cholera/diarrhea. (100'000 suffered from this).
        • Airport flooded as well as roads/rail.
      • Overall floods cost $1 billion!
      • 1/2 million cattle and poultry lost.
  • Bangladesh, India 2004 LEDC


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