Caused of tension England 1660

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  • Causes of tension in England 1660
    • Social
      • Population growth: 6 million in the 160s
      • Growth of a middle social group: do not own land, but successful in business and investment of money (challenged traditional elite for control over the country)
      • Under-employment and poverty: many unskilled labourers migrated to London (suffered due to high food prices)
        • London had 500,000 people (more than the next 10 largest cities in England); largest population in Europe
    • Political
      • Despite incomplete control over education many teachers supported the monarchy
      • Parliament: made of traditional landed elites representing their own interests
      • Crown income: government relied on 50-80 wealthy families (held power over the monarch) who acted like mini monarchs in their regions
      • The monarchy was just as inefficient as under Elizabeth I in the previous century: only 1,000 men in the Civil Service
    • Economy
      • Inflation: prices rose 8 times 1500-1640
      • Increasing farmland and agricultural innovations: Britain started to export more food by the 1670s)
      • Crown finances began to be balanced: making money from taxing goods and trade, not just renting land
    • Religious
      • Under reign of James I, protestants move to Catholic Ireland
      • Puritans and Presbyterians (Scotland) wanted to reform majority Anglican England


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