Cattle industry

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    • UP TO 1895
      • Excess supply
        • By 1895, /'overstocking'
        • due to lots of investors and entrepreneurs overinvesting in cattle
        • no. cattle in USA doubled between 1880 and 1900
        • More cattle...
          • more disputes with P Indians and homesteaders
          • Plains had more animals grazing there
            • pressure put on buffalo populations
              • LINK- affect on Indian life
      • 1886-87 Winter
        • lots cattle got frostbite, mllions died
          • 15% of cattle died
        • end of open range ranches
    • GROWTH
      • Railroad
        • by 1970 these connected 100s towns in US
        • beef could be sold to NY/ Chicago for 8-10x price it took to rear the cows
          • problem = transport
      • Joseph McCoy
        • Abilene Cow town,Kansas
          • attracted cowboys and cattle due to loose quarantine laws
          • hub for trading Texan longhorn cattle
      • Goodnight &  Loving
        • realised cattle in Fort Sumner = $15 rather than $5
        • they extended their trade route
          • Texas> Fort Sumner> Denver > Cheyenne
      • John Iliff
        • started a huge ranch in Colorado and sold beef to Sioux
          • his success encouragred others (became millionare etc.
        • 'Cattle King of the Plains'
      • Ranches
        • rounding up cattle, branding, repairing fences
        • full time job all year but less jobs
        • slept in bunkhouses had cookhouses
        • lost of rules i.e. no gun, drinking
        • fewer dangers but still some i.e. rustlers and Indians
      • Ranchers
        • USA law allowed Americans to graze cattle wherever they wanted
        • few very rich 'Cattle Barons'
      • Ranchers required lots of land so there was enough land and grass for their cattle
      • Home-               steaders
        • claimed sections of land for $18 fee
        • ranchers cattle grazed on their land and not much timber for fencing
          • led to lots of conflict and even i.e. Johnson County war
  • so ranchers allowed their cattle to roam over the great plains
    • kept in check with cowboys
    • USA law allowed Americans to graze cattle wherever they wanted


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