Unit 6: Catholic threat within England

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  • Catholic threat within England
    • Seminary priests
      • Sent to England to re-convert Protestants.
      • Trained in scripture - challenge Bible scripture
      • Offered confession: attractive to those who had not fully accepted settlement.
    • Jesuits
      • Arrived in England: 1580
        • Didn't care about treason against Queen
      • Carried out spiritual exercises: profound religious experience
        • Revived latent beliefs in former-Catholics
      • Established safe houses where they could hide from authorities
    • Mary Queen of Scots
      • Arrival led to Spanish interference on domestic scene
        • Catholics regarded her claim to throne as legitimate
      • Throckmorton Plot, 1583-6
        • Reassert Catholic control of Scot - use it to invade England.
        • To place Mary on English throne
      • Babington Plot, 1586-87
        • Gilford - Catholic exile confessed to plotting for Mary
        • MAry agreed to plot - evidence needed for her removal


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