Catholic Plots

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  • Catholic Plots
    • The Northern Rebellion
      • Elizabeth refused to allow the Duke of Norfolk to marry the Catholic Mary,Queen of Scots.This act inspired two northern Catholic nobles to lead a rebellion against Elizabeth to replace her with the Catholic Mary. Forestland and Cumberland took control of Durham Cathedral and held an illegal catholic mass. They then began to march south with around 4600 men. The loyal Earl of Sussex raised and army and the rebels disbanded. Cumberland was captured and executed, Norfolk was imprisoned and Westmorland  escaped to France.
    • The Ridolfi Plot
      • This plot was lead by an Italian named Ridolfi and also involved Norfolk.  The plan was that an invasion from the Netherlands would coincide with another northen rebellion.  Elizabeth would be murdered and replaced by Mary, Queen of Scots, who would then marry Norfolk.  The plan was exposed before it could be completed.
    • The Throckmorton Plot
    • The Babington plot
      • This was another attempt to murder Elizabeth and the place Mary, Queen of Scots, on the throne. Led by Anthony Babington, it was the discovery of this plot that led to Mary's trial and execution when it was found that she had known about and agreed with the plot all along.


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