Death and Supernatural in Wuthering Heights

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  • Death and the Supernatural in Wuthering Heights
    • Catherine's grave- not in the churchyard, on the Moors, shows her deep connection to then
    • Cathy's ghost appearing to Lockwood (Let me in, let me in!)
    • Catherine's death in childbirth- devastates Heathcliff, turning point for him
      • Did she die like a saint?
    • Edgar's detoriation and death- Heathcliff uses this to blackmail Young Cathy and enables him to gain control of the Grange
    • Cathy's dream about heaven
      • The angels were so angry they threw me out
      • Signifies her connection to the Heights
    • Linton dies
      • Adds to Young Cathy's imprisonment
      • Completes Heathcliff's revenge
    • Isabella- dies in London
      • Allows Linton to come to WH and be part of the revenge
    • Hindely's death in suspicious circumstances- starts Heathcliff's revenge
      • Also implies Heathcliff killed him- changed personality
    • Heathcliff begs Cathy to haunt him
    • Heathcliff feeling Cathy's spirit on the grave
    • Young boy sees Heathcliff and Cathy on the Moors together as ghosts
    • Nelly compares Heathcliff to ghouls and goblins
      • Isabella: If not, he is a devil?
    • The Older Lintons and Earnshaws
      • Untitled
  • Heathcliff begs Cathy to haunt him


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