Catherine Earnshaw Character Profile

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  • Catherine Earnshaw
    • Born in WH, brought up by brother Hindley and Heathcliff (orphan brought into home by father)
    • Falls in love with H but no marriage as degraded by Hindley after fathers death
    • 'Saucy' & 'Selfish'
    • Marries Edgar Linton but still passionate for H
    • Falls ill when H and Edgar fight.
    • Dies during childbirth (Catherine Linton)
    • 1st intro is as Ghost in her childhood bedroom.
    • Her name scratched on window ledge in 3 forms, Linton, Heathcliff, Earnshaw
    • At end H tormented by anything that signals Catherine's loss
    • 'I am Heathcliff'
      • Dramatic and memorable, also shows her passion. However, unstable sense of identity
    • 'Wayward' & 'Mischevious'
      • Nelly's description, we expect her to make surprising & unpredictable decisions
        • E.g. Marriage to Edgar is Culture over Nature.


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