Catherine - A View From The Bridge

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  • Catherine
    • Naive (especially around Eddie)
      • Catherine: (taking his arm)
      • Catherine: (grasping his arm to reassure him and to erase the accusation
      • Catherine: Here! I’ll light it for you! (She strikes a match andholds it to his cigar. He puffs. Quietly.)
    • Attracted to Rodolpho (not Eddie)
      • Eddie: You like him, Katie? Catherine: (looking down) yeah
    • Becomes more mature near the end of the play
      • Catherine: I think I can’t stay here no more. (She frees her arm,steps back toward the bedroom.)
      • Catherine: Eddie, I'm not gonna be a baby any more!
    • Will always love Eddie
      • Catherine: Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you.
      • Catherine: ... You think it’s so easy to turnaround and say to  [Eddie] he’s nothin’ to you no more?


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