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  • Catherine
    • Naive
      • B- "you throw yourself at him like when you was twelve years old"
        • C is unaware of what is appropriate
        • takes her a long time to gather the hints thrown at her
      • SD "as though a familiar world had shattered"
        • didn't see it comign
        • lack of insight
      • "If I was a wife I would make a man happy"
        • cant's see it's not Bs fault
        • discussing this casually with R
        • normal to her, innocent, not a taboo, grown up with it.
    • Eddie is very important to her
      • C- "He looks so sad now and it hurts me"
        • despite Es controlling behavior C genuinely cares about him
      • "I mean i *know*  him"
        • believes she would make him happy
        • have a connection
      • "Eddie, I never meant to do nothing bad to you"
        • despite all his treachery C still loves him and can't bare to see him hurt
    • Character develops
      • E- "madonna"
        • at the beginning viewed aspure
      • SD "flushed with revolt"
        • standing up to E
        • starting to think independently and go against E
      • "rat"
        • finally confronting E
        • no longer scared of him, sees him as pathetic
    • Eddie
      • "He's stealing from me!"
        • E views c as a belonging
        • suggests she is passive as he controls her
      • "I'm afraid of Eddie here"
        • not sure how he will react
        • scared she won't be able to stand up to him
      • "I'm not a baby, I know a lot more than people think I know"
        • perhaps she was not so naive
        • inappropriate relationship went 2 ways?
        • audience sees a new side, more self aware and manipulative


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