Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests

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  • Catechism of the Council of Trent for Parish Priests (first published by the order of Pope Pius V in 1566)
    • How did the Trent fathers explain the necessity of teaching correct doctrine to the populace?
      • Like one Lord and one faith
        • there must be one standard and prescribed  form
      • It is a 'remedy' to what they viewed as the 'heresies of our time'
    • Why and how does the passage draw attention to issues of authority?
      • Suggests Catholic teachers and pastors are key sources of authority
      • authority of Catholic church was 'ordained' by the 'Saviour' (Jesus)
        • Authority is carried on through generations, not just first ministry
    • Why is Protestantism regarded as a threat to Catholicism?
      • it is viewed as heresy, a work of Satan
      • 'no corner of Christendom, into which this pestilence has not sought secretly to insinuate itself'
    • Catechism
      • Work of religious instruction
      • Became chief means of spreading correct doctrine among Protestants and Catholics in early modern period
      • Set up in question and answer format
      • Short, carefully structured answers
      • Partly written to encourage consistent and coherent teaching among clergy and were sometimes used in catechism classes for young as well as for private study
      • Both Catholics and Protestants wrote catechisms
      • Widespread use in teaching by Protestants (beginning with Luther, c.1529) that galvanised Catholics to create their own versions


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