Catalysts and exothermic and endothermic reactions

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  • Catalysts
    • Industrial processes
      • They can be uses for hydrogenation/ hardening fats
      • Cracking
      • Catalytic converter in cars
      • Haber process (ammonia)
    • Benefits for chemical industry
      • Catalysts are used whenever possible in industr to increase the rate of reaction and reduce energy costs
      • They can be used in medicine without havin metal in the catalysts which makes them cheaper.
    • Disadvantages
      • Very expensive to buy and if making more than one product you need to buy more than one catalyst as they don't all use the same catalyst.
      • They can be 'poisoned' by impurities so they stop working meaning you have to keep your reaction mixure very clean.
    • Exothermic
      • They give out energy to the surrounding
      • Chemicals lose energy
      • Temperature goes up
    • Enodothermic
      • Takes in energy from the surroundings
      • Temperature goes down
      • Chemicals gain energy


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