Bach Brandenburg Concerto no.5 mov.3

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  • Bach - Brandenburg Concerto no.5 mov.3
    • Melody
      • The music is mostly conjunct
      • There are often scales and runs in the harpsichord part
      • Occasional trills in the harpsichord part
      • There are appoggiaturas in the main middle section theme when it returns in A major
    • Tonality
      • The music is in D major
      • The B section modulates to the dominant (A major) and relative minor (B minor)
      • The music is diatonic
    • Harmony
      • Harmony uses standard chords of the time
      • The harmony is functional
      • The harmony mainly uses root positions and first inversion chords
      • Perfect cadences announce the end of sections
      • Suspensions are used occasionally
    • Texture
      • Polyphonic
      • Fugal characteristics used
      • Call and response between Violin and Flute in the first subject
      • The harpsichord plays in two-part counterpoint
      • Occasionally the flute and violin play in thirds
      • The bass line in the middle section has a tonic pedal on B
    • Tempo, metre and rhythm
      • The metre is 2/4, but could also be written in 6/8
      • Uses dotted rhythms and triplets throughout
      • The harpsichord has many semi-quaver runs
    • Instrumentation
      • Flute
      • Violin
      • Harpsichord
      • Baroque string orchestra


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