Case Study - Mass Tourism - Kenya

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  • Case Study - Mass Tourism - Kenya
    • Facts
      • Over a million tourists visit each year
      • Location: Equator
      • LEDC
    • Positives
      • Can do sustainable safari's
      • Income used to improve infrastructure - airports
        • Benefits locals (creates jobs) benefits tourists (can tarvel to Kenya)
      • Creates jobs for locals e.g. working in restaurants / hotels
      • Foreign tourists bring in money - reinvested into country e.g. schools/healthcare and services
    • Negatives
      • Activities such as hot air balloons
        • Disrupt migratory and breeding problems (animals)
          • Shadow off balloon is mistaken as a predator to the animals
      • Safari's disrupt and scare animals
        • Damages the soil which causes disruption to farmers
      • Large multinational hotel chains usually run by MEDC's (profit returns to MEDC not Kenya)
      • Banks in MEDC'S benefit because they lent Kenya millions to create new resorts
        • Kenya have to pay this back with a lot of interest - they are in dept
      • Tourists dress innapropriatly against islamic / muslim cultures (on beaches - bikinis)
    • Physical Features
      • Beautiful beaches - attracts tourism
      • Spectacular views (mountais e.g. Mount Kilimanjaro)
      • Savanna Grassland
    • Human Features
      • Govvernment wants to encourage tourism to create income
      • Fascinating cultures
      • Masai paid to perform
        • Tourists visit Masai and patronise their culture and devalue it
          • Tourists haggle down prices
        • Provides income for their family and country


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