Case study coastal erosion

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  • Case study coastal erosion - HOLDERNESS
    • Physical causes
      • Rising sea levels = more pressure on foot of cliff
      • soft glacial clays
      • Seabed soft.
      • beaches narrow.
      • no protection of base of cliff in winter as no sand
      • mass movement in high rainfall.
    • Human causes
      • Dredging - 2000 3,811,044 tonnes removed
      • Defences such as sea wall groynes starve other areas of sediment and therefore protection.
    • Physical consequences
      • Development of a spit
      • Eroded material = muddy appearance.
      • Eroding 2m a year
      • Roman times 5.5km seaward
      • erosion = flood defences breached
      • Lagoons suffering as starved of sediment form defences
    • Socio-economic consequences
      • Defences unattractive. Poorly managed as expensive
      • Road repairs costly
      • Roads lost to sea = impact on tourism
      • Vast areas farmland lost to sea due to retreat
      • Dredging leaves tourists starved of sandy beaches
      • Mass movement dangerous
      • 30 villages lost to sea
      • Conflicts over what to protect


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