Case Study 9: Causes/management of Sahel desertification

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  • Case Study 9: Causes/effects /management of Sahel desertification
    • Causes
      • Physical factors
        • Unpredictable rainfall
        • Climate change (average rainfall has decreased)
        • High temperatures cause high rates of evaporation
        • Hot/dry winds blow away soil
        • Heavy showers cause soil erosion
      • Human factors
        • Reduced death rate resulted in higher food demand
        • More wood for cooking, so trees cut down
        • Vegetation has been cleared for farming, reducing rainfall
        • Herders have increased cattle populatipn which overgraze land
    • Location
      • Sahel is a broad zone  (700km wide) located of south of Sahara desert
      • The Sahara covers large parts of Algeria,  Chad, Egypt,  Libya, Mali,  Mauritania, Morocco,  Niger,  West Sahara,  Sudan and  Tunisia.
    • Management
      • TREE PLANTING SCHEMES: Canopy gives shade meaning more water goes to soil to be absorbed
      • BUILDING ROCK DAMS: Dams hold water back which means water can be stored
      • REMOVING CATTLE: Removing cattle can cause less vegetation to be lost and decrease in soil erosion
      • RAINWATER FROM BUILDINGS: Way of collecting and storing water to water crops and for cooking
      • BUILD BUNDS (stone lines) ON SLOPES: Stones will reduce surface run-off with rocks reducing shade to keep water cool




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