Case Study 6 - Conflict relating to leisure use in a rural environment

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  • Case Study 6 - Conflict relating to leisure use in a rural environment
      • Lake District, in Cumbria, NW England
        • Near the M5, A66, A590 + A591)
      • Largest/most popular NP in Britain, visited by 14mil / year
      • Landscapes inc. mountains /lakes /moorland/ coast
      • 42k people live in the LD
      • 1/3 of jobs in LD link to tourism
    • PROBLEM 1: Traffic Congestion
      • 90% of visitors go by car
      • Heavy congestion at weekends/summer
      • Limited parking
      • Noise/air pollution
      • Local people can't get to work / school
    • PROBLEM 3: Footpath erosion
      • Over 3000 km of footpath
      • Popular areas (e.g. Helvellyn) are overused
      • Footpaths get wider as people use edge
      • Soil/ vegetation is destroyed
    • PROBLEM 2: Conflicts btwn groups of people
      • Farmers and Visitors...
        • ...climb walls, which destroys them
        • ...Leave gates open,  causing animals to escape
        • ...damage crops
        • ...have dogs that chase animals away
      • Residents and Visitors...
        • ...congest roads
        • ...leave litter
        • buy houses as 2nd homes
        • ...cause house prices to increase
      • Different visitor groups...
        • ...use boats which cause noise and scare away wildlife
        • ...who cycle get in way of walkers
    • Sustainable management to problems
      • Access Corridors: A66 / A591 upgraded with more parking
      • Some areas cannot be developed on
      • Parking restricted
      • Some lakes have free access for visitors


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