Nevado del Ruiz - Volcanic eruption Case Study

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  • Case Study: LEDC Tectonic Hazard NEVADO DEL RUIZ
      • Destructive plate margin (Subduction of Oceanic Nazca Plate beneath South American plate)
      • Andes Mountain Range
      • Had been dormant for 150 years
      • Strato Volcano & Highest Columbian Volcano
      • Nov 13th 1985
      • Columbia, South America
    • CAUSES
      • LEDC - All survivors had to be rescued by air but country didn't have a lot of air transport
      • It happened at night - Rescuers were delayed and people were trapped in their homes
      • Signs of eruption for a long time -People thought the volcano would never erupt
      • Columbian government did not act quickly enough and evacuate the settlements at risk
      • Columbia established warning and evacuation plan
      • Outlined tropical planning areas
      • Public education campaign
      • Red cross  provided flyers
      • Hazard map posters for towns at risk
      • Evacuation route markers painted on buildings




Its great but is there any way of viewing what is under some of the bubbles?

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