statutory interpretation case studies

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  • Statutory Interpretation Case Studies
    • Rules of interpretation
      • Mischief Cases
        • Smith V Hughes
          • prostitute window of first floor flat
        • Kruhlak V Kruhlak
          • dads not married not paying for kids
        • Royal College of nursing
          • nurses carrying out safe sterile abortions not Dr's.
      • Golden cases
        • R V  Allen
          • 2 wedding ceremon-ies, officially not 2 marriages
        • Alder V George
          • airbase. In vicinity. =Absurd
        • Re sigsworth
          • killed mother, can't inherit.
      • Purposive cases
        • R V Secretary of state
          • embryo created not through fertilisati-on - medical advancements.
        • R V Registar General ex parte Smith
          • denied birth certifica-te - wanted to kill mother
        • R V Benthem
          • owed money - thought fingers were a gun
      • Literal cases
        • Liner V Berriman
          • maintain-ing line not fixing it - wife no compen-sation
        • Fisher V Bell
          • flick knives in a window, intitation to treat
        • Whiteley V Chappell
          • "entitled to a vote" - dead = N/G
    • Rules Of Language
      • Expressi -ounius est exclusio alterius
        • The express mention of one thing excludes another (litteral)
          • Tempest V Kilner
            • Sale of stocks and shares = no evidence - only "goods wares and merchandise"
      • Noscitur a sociis
        • The meaning of a word must be delivered and interpreted from the words surrounding it
          • 'cats kittens and food"  = cat food
            • IRC V Free
              • "Interest" only meant annual interest words "other annual interest" in the section.
      • Ejusdem generis
        • Of the same kind (general words)
          • Powell V Kempton Park Race Course
            • Bets in open air stand = not outside = N/G
      • Cassus Omissus


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