Cetacean case studies

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  • Case studies
    • Moa went extinct by the maori people, New Zealand, flightless and mega herbivores, 1300 AD - 1500 AD
    • decline in south right whale, 1770 - 1997, slow, floats, large
    • 98% of marine animals are caught from the wild - 50% of them go to the USA
    • Cardinal fish - endangered, endemic in indonesia,two million in wild, a million are taken out of the wild each year, 89% decline in 2004
      • Brazil nut - all nuts from the wild, 14 monthsto mature,trees live for 500 years
    • tiger hunting in 1930's
    • recreational hunting, green hunting, go out with vets
    • alternativesource of products- fake, synthetic, reduce demand
    • Bush meat - household income, west Africa, policies to stop are hard to enforce, in africa bush meat is worth at least 50 million dollars
    • removal of sea otters, explosion of sea urchins, over grazing of kelp, barren costal habitats
    • September 2002 - canary islands, at 3am sonar  exercise, 40km off shore, 18 beaked whales became stranded over two days
    • The spins macaw - extinct in the wild in 2001, 60 individualsin captivity, illegal pet trade, habitat loss, slow reproductive rate
    • Guam island - brown tree snake, US military cargo ship in the 1940's, 12/ 14 went extinct, endemic, obliviant
      • tiger - endangered, once distributed across Asia, 2500 left in the wild
    • california condor, critically endangered, express dwarfism gene, result embryo failure
    • Przewalski's  horse, small population, breed together, 1960 with a domestic horse, intro to foreign genes
    • jan 2006, female bottlenose, river thames, two days, dehydration , squid, stress
    • SW england 1992- 118 dolphins found, devon cornwall, 54 were common, 38 postmortens, 30 were by catch
    • UK cetacean stranding project - 1990 start, defra wwf, conducts postmortens, indetifies relationships of a disease, advises UK government, histology bacteriology, virology, toxicology
    • IUCN red list, founded 1963, publish every four years,
    • EU common fisheries policy - 1983, total allowance regulation,quotas, pincers/ observers
    • Environmental protection regulation 2000, monitored concentration and disposal of substances
    • international whaling commission, 1946, maintain stocks and quotas, agreed suspension 1986, scientific
    • cheetahs, bottleneck, happened 10,000 yrs ago, estimated down to seven individuals= natural disasters ?
  • Brazil nut - all nuts from the wild, 14 monthsto mature,trees live for 500 years


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